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China Stories  

Harvey Benge, Neuseeland
Øyvind Hjelmen, Norwegen
Ferit Kuyas, Schweiz
Pok Chi Lau, USA

7. September – 5. Oktober 2008

Eröffnung: Sa. 6.9.2008, 20 h
Einführung: Peter V. Brinkemper

Harvey Benge - China Story

Eine Erzählung in Projektionsform - 106 Einzelbilder zusammengestellt in Dyptichen. Die Geschwindigkeit des Wandels im Alltag erfordert eine Transformierung und nicht eine Verdrängung der Vergangenheit. Benge sucht diese Brüche, findet aber auch Harmonien – eine visuelle Stadtanthropologie.


Øyvind Hjelmen - Journey Elsewhere

Schwarzweiß-Kontakte, persönlich empfundene Impressionen einer ersten Reise durch China. Ein Spiel mit der Schärfe und Unschärfe der Eindrücke, atmosphärisch dichte Wahrnehmungen unterwegs in Stadt und Land.


Ferit Kuyas - City of Ambition

Großformatige Stadtlandschaften erfassen Chongqing, eine der größten Städte der Welt, in ihrem rasanten ökonomischen Wandel. Kulissenartige, fast surreale, Outskirts lassen die City von Chongquing, in deren Umkreis 32 Mill. Menschen leben, nur erahnen.


Pok Chi Lau – China 1979 -1982 - Post Chairman Mao Period

1969 emigriert Lau von Hongkong nach USA, studiert Fotografie und dokumentiert das Leben in den Chinatowns. Seit 30 Jahren hält er bei Besuchen in China die Veränderungen im Land fest. Die s/w Arbeiten, entstanden 1979-85, zeigen Überreste der Slogans und Zeichen von Mao und Kulturrevolution.

Harvey Benge - China Story

My pictures explore the strange anthropology of cities. The unusual and overlooked in the human landscape. I am asking the viewer to question the idea that photographs as documents are complete representations of subject. I'm interested in the universality of life and the idea of parallel lives - when one thing is happening here, something else is happening over there. The democracy of non-places fascinates me, in the knowledge that inevitably nothing is as it seems.
There is something that always hits you in any city and becomes a sort of visual leitmotif. These are series I made in 2006 and 2007 when I was a guest at the Pingyao Festival in Shanxi Province China.
The book: China Story just arrived fresh from press.

Øyvind Hjelmen - Journey Elsewhere

In December 2007, I travelled through China. To me China is a truly exotic place — with its wild natural beauty, and different peoples and customs, and richly complex man-made environments loaded with contrasts and history. And when I travel to such a place, my photographs are not meant to show what China looks like.
Instead, I try to note my impressions of little bits of grace and surprise that I discover day by day. One may ask, is such a journey really a journey elsewhere, or is it just a journey going deeper within oneself? To be honest, I think both ideas are true, and they nourish each other. The heightened awareness that quite naturally comes with travel to foreign lands helps me to learn to look at more familiar surroundings with new delight and awe.

Ferit Kuyas - City of Ambition

This is a visit to one of the largest cities in the world, Chongqing, populated by roughly 32 million people. The city is located in Southwest China region of Sichuan. Chongqing was the capital of China during World War II.
Like most of my work also this project has autobiographic roots: I got to know the city through my in-law-family who lives there and makes me feel at home.
I am mainly interested in the outskirts of Chongqing, where the city can’t be really seen but sensed, like a tiger moving through the jungle – invisible, yet there. Construction sites and places of change show metaphorical facets of the huge changes taking place in contemporary China. After many travels it seems like the more I learn the less I know.

Pok Chi Lau – China 1979 -1982 - Post Chairman Mao Period

"After doing this work for over 30 years I am lost for words as for a statement of work. I live in my work, and I escape from it every once in a while to see what I am up to. The context is so complex because it is not about what I have done, but my perception of the world of China in her contemporary history, most of which gets lost in translation."
When Lau was 19 and living in Hong Kong, his parents borrowed enough money to pay for two cameras, a plane ticket and college tuition. He studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography and the California Institute of the Arts. Beginning in the late 1970s, Lau traveled from one Chinatown to the next documenting the lives of Chinese immigrants working at mines, railroads, laundries and restaurants and often living in cramped conditions.
Slideshow - Pok Chi Lau "China 1979-2005 Asian-Americans"

China Stories unter den Top 10 der 19. Int. Photoszene Köln


Harvey Benge
Øyvind Hjelmen
Ferit Kuyas
Pok Chi Lau

China Stories

07.09. - 05.10.2008

06.09.2008 20:00 h

Einführung: Peter V. Brinkemper

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