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Galerie Lichtblick proudly presents

Fauna - Wild Beasts, Sheep & Crocodiles #2

Oktober 31 - November 28, 2021
Vernissage: Sunday Oct 31, doors open at 7pm

The incredible kingdom of animals - from historic to futuristic interpretations of 'Fauna'
curated by Tina Schelhorn

Joyce P. Lopez

Annet van der Voort, Germany – Noah's Ark
Carol Erb, Pacific Palisades, CA, USA – Dominion
Dan Nelken, NYC, USA - Till the cows come home
Dianne Yudelson, San Francisco, USA – Antique Aviary
Elaine Ling, Toronto, Canada - Florida
Eran Gilat, Tel Aviv, Israel - Life Science
Frank Robert, Vienna, Austria - Endstation Sehnsucht
Henry Horenstein, Boston, USA – Animalia
Ian van Coller, Bozeman, MT, USA – Rwenzori
Jessica Hines, Statesboro GE, USA - A Private Map of the Animate
Joyce P. Lopez, Venice, FL, USA – The Trouble with Birds
Karen Glaser, Florida, USA - Springs and Swamps
Kevin Horan, Langley, WA, USA – Chattel – A Portrait Study
Kurt Tong, Hongkong, China - People's Park
Melanie Walker, Bolder, CO, USA - Endangered Species
Paul Berger, Seattle, USA - Moonram/ Cards 1989
RJ Kern, Minneapolis, USA - Divine Animals
Stephen Althouse, PA, USA – Knot III (horse armor)
Tomofumi Nakano, Hyogo, Japan - Gibier

Carol Erb

The whole exhibition 'Fauna - Wild Beasts, Sheep & Crocodiles' with 32 international photographers was shown first time in MOMA Tbilisi for Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2017 in Georgia
Installation at MOMA Tbilisi

In Lichtblick 'Fauna # 1' was on show Dez 2017 – March 2018

We look forward to seeing you in real life again
Tina Schelhorn und Wolfgang Zurborn
For the safety of all visitors, the 3G rule applies in our rooms 

Kevin Horan

Frank Robert

Dianne Yudelson

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Galerie Lichtblick
Steinbergerstr.21 • 50733 Cologne



Fauna - Wild Beasts, Sheep & Crocodiles #2



Annet van der Voort
Carol Erb
Dan Nelken
Dianne Yudelson
Elaine Ling
Eran Gilat
Frank Robert
Henry Horenstein
Ian van Coller
Joyce P. Lopez
Karen Glaser
Kevin Horan
Kurt Tong
Paul Berger
RJ Kern
Stephen Althouse
Tomofumi Nakano
















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