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Steven Benson, Artist Statement:

The photographs in this body of work evolved from an interest in public forms of communication and expression. I became fascinated with the way different entities of American society have communicated their sentiments following the tragedy of September 11th. The U.S. Government, the corporate sector, the religious community and the individual found a specifi c form of expression which best suited their needs.

These expressions were intended to be patriotic messages, but I recognized multiple revealing subtexts within them. The public displays offered an opportunity to extend and transform their original intended
meaning. While this work is produced by an American photographer about America, the images ask the kinds of questions all people should be asking about the country where they reside. For me, these images raise questions about commercialism, authenticity, vulnerability and the separation of church and state.










Steven Benson, Detroit

in Black and White

18.12. - 23.01.2005

18.12.2004 20:00 h

Es spricht: Peter V. Brinkemper

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