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Galerie Lichtblick proudly presents

Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2015

For the 4th year Galerie Lichtblick/ Tina Schelhorn and KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO/ Beso Khaindrava are organizing the festival program with exhibitions of Georgian and International photographers and a series of workshops with well known photographers from all over the world.

Views on Africa Obie Oberholzer, Agency laif


Views on Africa - Jan Grarup, Christian Lutz, Obie Oberholzer,
Per-Anders Pettersson, Thomas Dorn
(in cooperation with laif Agency Cologne, Germany)

Brian Griffin, UK - No Compromise
Chris Suspect (Condayan), USA - Suspect Device
Richard Bram. USA - Hiding in Plain Sight
Oyvind Hjelmen, Norway - Elsewhere
Saul Robbins, USA - Hidden Identities

these exhibitions are curated and organized by Tina Schelhorn

Brian Griffin Siouxie, London 1983

Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award - presentation of shortlisted photographers and winners
Alexander Roinashvili Honorary Prize to a Georgian Photographer
Gala Evening and Exhibition designed and organized by Beso Khaindrava

Kim Badawi, USA - Spring Uprising 11
Natela Grigalashvili, Georgia - The Smell of Milk
Shakh Aivazov, Georgia - War Line
Guram Tikanadze, Georgia - Unknown Pics
UNICEF Photo of the Year, Germany
National Geographic, Georgia - The Best of 2014
Dortmund University Students - Beyond the Common
Galerie Koppelmann, Germany - Urban Maze

these exhibitions are curated and organized by: Teona Gogichaishvili, Dina Oganova, Daro Sulakauri, J. & V. Koppelmann, Dirk Gebhardt, Angela B. Rupprecht/ UNICEF

Per-Anders Petterson, Agency laif, Views on Africa


Brian Griffin, London - Portrait Workshop
Saul Robbins, New York – About Space
Richard Bram, New York & Chris Suspect, Washington – Pictures From The Real World
Øyvind Hjelmen, Stord/ Norway – Moments Reflected
Wolfgang Zurborn, Cologne – The Art of Making Photo Books
Kim Badawi, Rio de Janeiro - Visualizing Euphoria

All Infos and Registration:

Chris Suspect, Suspect Device

Richard Bram, Hiding in Plain Sight


Brian Griffin
Chris Suspect
Richard Bram
Oyvind Hjelmen
Saul Robbins
Jan Grarup
Christian Lutz
Obie Oberholzer
Per-Anders Pettersson
Thomas Dorn
Kim Badawi
Wolfgang Zurborn

Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2015
Exhibitions, Awards, Workshops, Portfolio Reviews, Lectures with international photographers

01.05. - 08.05.2015

Weitere Ausstellungen:

Linda Troeller Mariette Pathy Allen Mary Ann Lynch Regina Ladies Only #2

Aline Smithson Beatrix Reinhardt Joanna Black Karen Glase Ladies Only #1

Harvey Benge Steven Benson Chili Stefen Chow Nathalie Da Chine Today

Aline Smithson Anais Lopez Beatrix Reinhardt Betsy Schnei Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 201

Louie Palu Marc Asnin Vince Cianni Stefen Chow Katharin Look at Me

Isabelle Pateer Unsettled

Ade Sinuhaji Adhi Wickasono Agung Pambudy Agus Susanto A Out of Jakarta

Mike Crawford London Boris Eldagsen Berlin Christian Kosfe The Night

Marc Asnin, Vincent Cianni, Wolf Boewig, Louie Palu, Har Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2013

Rania Matar A Girl and Her Room

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