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Galerie Lichtblick proudly presents


Women Photographers with portraits of people and landscapes

curated by Tina Schelhorn

Regina Monfort, No Crybabies

Part 2 of Ladies Only

Linda Troeller, NYC, USA - Chelsea Hotel
Mariette Pathy Allen, NYC, USA - New Jersey 1968
Mary Ann Lynch, NY, USA - Forever Marilyn
Regina Monfort, Brooklyn, USA - No Crybabies

Opening: December 20, 8 p.m.
with Pre-Xmas-Party

December 20, 2014 - February 1, 2015
closed: December 22 - January 4


Mary Ann Lynch, Forever Marilyn

Mary Ann Lynch Forever Marilyn
The Enduring Legacy of Marilyn Monroe photographs 1992-2012

2012 marked the 50th anniversary of Marilyn's death and passage from pop culture icon into the timeless realm of myth, legend and worldwide permanent fame. “For fifteen years, beginning in 1990, I photographed Marilyn Monroe throughout the world, from Puerto Rico to Paris, and from Equador to the Mojave Desert and throughout the United States. I got used to seeing Marilyn‘s image wherever I traveled, and meeting fans, devotees, admirers, impersonators, and those fascinated with her – everywhere. After working on the project for two years I realized that I could go anywhere in the world and hold up a photograph of Marilyn Monroe and get a smile. She‘s a global ambassador of Love. Call her a screen goddess or an icon, a legend, a role model or a modern-day Aphrodite or Venus – however we think of her, Marilyn lives on.”
MaryAnn (Bruchac) Lynch, born, raised and based in New York State, is traveling widely. Photographer/filmmaker, publisher/writer and Director of Mary Ann Lynch Productions. Married with a son and daughter and grandchild. She lives surrounded by family.
"Self-taught, I gravitated toward cameras as a child, inspired by an uncle with a Graflex. Later I took workshops with Ansel Adams, A.D. Coleman, Robert Heinecken, Joyce Tenneson, Minor White and more. My bio and website reveal some of the terrain I‘ve covered over the past 40 years of photographing and creating audiences for photography."

Regina Monfort, No Crybabies

Régina Monfort No Crybabies

Régina Monfort is a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Brittany, France in 1958, she studied photography in Brussels, Belgium before moving to the Unites States in 1984. She worked with abstract, experimental portraiture and body landscapes before engaging in the documentary tradition. In 1994 she began photographing young people in the Latino Community, a short walking distance from her own home in Brooklyn. Over the years her work has continued to explore the human heart.
In 1998, she was nominated in the Human Spirit Essay category for the annual Alfred Eisenstaedt Award in Magazine Photography. That same year, with grants from the NewYork City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts, she produced outdoor audiovisual presentations in Brooklyn parks. Her work exploring the impacts of methamphetamine addiction on individuals and families in Topeka, Kansas, was awarded the 2005 French Bourse du Talent for Reportage.
No Crybabies
“Twenty years ago, I walked beyond Grand Street. In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, I befriended young souls growing up quickly in a deeply rooted Latino community, striving for love and respect. Over the course of nine years, I felt immersed in their hopes and dreams. The photographs were born out of trust, as moments of grace and sorrow unfolded daily before my very eyes ...”

Linda Troeller, Chelsea Hotel

Linda Troeller Chelsea Hotel

Linda Troeller, a resident for twenty years at the Chelsea Hotel, is an award-winning photographer. “My photographs at the Chelsea Hotel investigate the power of place and social and physical borderlines. The Chelsea Hotel is where I have felt the most comfortable being an artist. There was an accepting atmosphere. I met people such as Alexander McQueen who talked to me in the lobby, came to see my photographs and invited me to his fashion show. Such influences and the skylight over the famous staircase inspired me to make an image wearing a Zach Posen dress. Zac was absorbed by Bohemia, like myself. He hung out there as a teenager. Self-portraiture has a long tradition such as artists Lucas Samaras, Nan Goldman, and Taryn Simon who weave their personal evolution to the larger sphere with their projects. My self-portraits show a mental space, a kind of physical manifestation of the hotel itself mingling sadness‘s with the rapture of new beginnings.”

Mariette Pathy Allen, New Jersey 1968

Mariette Pathy Allen New Jersey 1968

“I was hired by the State Museum of New Jersey to capture “the face of New Jersey”. The Philadelphia and NJ photographs, taken in 1968, represent my earliest photographic series.”
Mariette Parhy Allen has been a professional photographer, writer and speaker on behalf of the TG community since 1978. She is the author of Transformations: Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them and The Gender Frontier, which won a 2004 Lambda Literary Award. Her photographs make a significant contribution to Leslie Feinberg‘s Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis
Rodman, illustrate Riki Anne Wilchins‘ Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender and are included in many other books.
She has worked on five documentary films, the most recent being A&E -- Investigative Reports “Transgender Revolution”, and Southern Comfort , which won the Grand Jury prize at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. Mariette has been on the staff of the Transgender Tapestry since the mid-1980s. She received a Trinity Award in 1991, an award from Fantasia Fair in 2001, for her artistic contributions on behalf of the transgender community, and a Rainbow Award at IFGE 2006. “TransCuba”, Mariette‘s new book was just published by Daylight Books.


Linda Troeller
Mariette Pathy Allen
Mary Ann Lynch
Regina Monfort

Ladies Only #2
Women Photographers with portraits of people and landscapes curated by Tina Schelhorn for KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO – May 2014

20.12. - 01.02.2015

20.12.2014 20:00 h

mit Pre-Xmas-Party

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