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Chine Today

China Stories curated by Tina Schelhorn

Kurt Tong, In Case it Rains in Heaven

Harvey Benge, Auckland, New Zealand – China Story
Steven Benson, Daytona Beach – The Cost of Power in China
Chili, Beijing – Red Star Hotel
Stefen Chow, Singapore – Ai Weiwei Portrait - The Poverty Line
Nathalie Daoust, Bejing/ Berlin – Mao Impersonator
Sanne de Wilde, Amsterdam – The Dwarf Empire
James Whitlow Delano, Tokyo – China: Dystopa/ Utopia
Luis Delgado, San Francisco - Cuentos Chinos
Giulio Di Sturco, Bangkok – China Hollywood
Antonio Julio Duarte, Lisbon – Macao Casino
Joakim Eneroth, Stockholm – Without End
Katharina Hesse, Beijing – Human Negotiations
Oyvind Hjelmen, Stord, Norway - Journey Elsewhere
Ore Huiying, Singapore – The Promised Land
Liu Jin, Beijing – Fallen Angel
Pok Chi Lau, Lawrence/Hongkong - Flow China 1979-82
Elaine Ling, Toronto – Mongolia – Neon Buddhas
Sherman Ong, Singapore - HanoiHaiku
Chris Rauschenberg, Portland - China 1985
Michael Rhoades, New York – China Town NY
Yuan Shun, Beijing/ Berlin - Mindscape
Matthew Sleeth, Melbourne – Red China
Zsolt Szamódy, Budapest – The Back Alleys of Globalization
Homer Sykes, London – Shanghai Odyssey
Ian Teh, London – Traces - Dark Clouds
Kurt Tong, Hongkong – In Case it Rains in Heaven
Unity Art Nabiha + Thom, Würzburg – Yellow Chain Dance
Robert Welsh, San Francisco – Grandma
Wolfgang Zurborn, Cologne - China! Which China?

Exhibition curated by Tina Schelhorn

July 6-13, 2014 daily 1 pm to midnight
Opening: Sunday, July 6 at 6 pm

in cooperation with Corinne Dumas-micaleff, Max Pam, Edition Bessard

l'atelier cinq
lieu de l'écrit & galerie
Place Voltaire, 5 rue tardieu
13200 Arles


Harvey Benge
Steven Benson
Stefen Chow
Nathalie Daoust
Sanne de Wilde
James Whitlow Delano
Luis Delgado
Giulio Di Sturco
Antonio Julio Duarte
Joakim Eneroth
Katharina Hesse
Oyvind Hjelmen
Ore Huiying
Liu Jin
Pok Chi Lau
Elaine Ling
Sherman Ong
Chris Rauschenberg
Michael Rhoades
Yuan Shun
Matthew Sleeth
Zsolt Szamódy
Homer Sykes
Ian Teh
Kurt Tong
Unity Art
Robert Welsh
Wolfgang Zurborn

Chine Today
China Stories curated by Tina Schelhorn, l'atelier cinq, lieu de l'écrit & galerie, Place Voltaire, 5 rue tardieu, 13200 Arles, France

06.07. - 20.07.2014

06.07.2014 18:00 h

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